Comfort & Energy saving

How to obtain more comfort and a better energy impact of glass surfaces?
Below here are some considerations on the main points regarding the performance of glass products for the construction industry, with particular reference to the insulating glass.




Modern buildings are hermetically sealed and as a result the high moisture levels trapped within them can lead to condensation problems, which, if left to proliferate, can create breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and dust mites. The solution is relatively simple: good ventilation and the removal of the main culprit – the highly conductive aluminium spacer bar.

SuperSpacer® is 950 times less conductive than aluminium, significantly improving thermal efficiency at the perimeter of the glass. Consequently, this reduces condensation levels by up to 70% compared to normal double glazing.


Acustic isolation

In a world increasingly noisy, it has become important to rely on technological solutions to preserve home and working environments from noise.
The technology SuperSpacer®, with its low acoustic transmittance, is able to reduce the level of 2 decibels environmental sound compared to a solution with metal spacer.
Taking into account that the sound pressure is measured on a logarithmic scale, this is a significant improvement of the environmental comfort.

SuperSpacer® technical specs