SuperSpacer® technology

SuperSpacer® is the world leader in non-metallic spacer systems made from desiccant-filled foam. Its Thermo Set Spacer (TSS) technology offers the highest performance standards of all spacer systems. Since its introduction in 1989, SuperSpacer® has become the dominant force in thermally efficient spacer systems and is widely considered the benchmark for all the other spacer systems.

SuperSpacer® boasts a multi-layered vapour barrier to keep moisture outside and the gas inside.
Its flexible foam matrix is incredibly breathable, allowing the high desiccant content to absorb humidity even more quickly.
This results in the fastest dew-point drop in the industry.
Through the synergistic effect of the patented vapour barrier and a secondary sealant, moisture remains on the outside. The argon gas is retained inside and conductivity is virtually non-existent.