Our production plant uses all the latest technology for the processing of glass, as the vertical or horizontal automated CNC cutting line for monolithic and layered glass, the production line for normal or structural insulating glass, the CNC four aces line of grinding and finishing.

These systems are constantly being updated because "invest in quality" is our main philosophy ...



Vetreria LO.DA. srl is able to offer a wide range of glass products for the construction industry:

  • insulating glass spacer technology in metal or warm-edge and maximum size of automatic processing of 600x321 cm
  • insulating glass with saturation in noble gases
  • laminated glass for accident prevention
  • laminated glass for Crime
  • laminated glass for noise reduction
  • glass flame retardant standard REI
  • annealed glass with high thermal resistance
  • toughened safety glass
  • Uglas for industrial glazing


Vetreria LO.DA. srl is able to provide any solution for the processing of glass in furniture, through its production and the close cooperation established with parter in specific industry leaders to provide:

  • beveled glass with polished edges, thickness 2/65 mm
  • beveled glass diamond finishing, with 4/65 mm thick
  • engraved glass
  • enamelled glass
  • sandblasted glass with customized drawings 
  • curved glass with industrial shapes or customized project.

Artistic glasses

Vetreria LO.DA. srl designs and produces artistic glass on commission.

Always unique pieces, these works of great craftsmanship, personalize any room to life with style, creating new interpretations of shapes, colors and transparencies.
With the gained craftsmanship experience, the customer is accompanied to the search for a solution more in tune with their own way of interpreting the spaces and their exploitation.