SuperSpacer® technical specs

SuperSpacer® T-Spacer™ Premium Plus is a flexible silicon foam spacer designed to satisfy the demands of large-scale commercial windows, including silicon structural glazing. T-Spacer™ is the base product for creating the unique triple seal spacer: Super Spacer®TriSeal™ Premium Plus. It incorporates an outer acrylic adhesive coating for immediate unit handling.
A primary polyisobutylene sealant provides excellent gas retention and the low transmission of moisture vapour due to the silicon seal results in high structural performance. Polyurethane, polysulfide and hot melt butyl are acceptable sealants for insulated glass. T-Spacer™, polyisobutylene and structural sealants are all applied using automated machinery.

Product Features:
Warm-Edge Benefits
Superior silicon foam isolation; low thermal conductivity; substantially reduced perimeter condensation on glass; average savings of up to 0.2W/m2K of the total U-value.

Characteristics of the Silicon Foam:
Excellent UV resistance; high performance at extreme temperatures; fast dew-point drop; strong compression set resistance; increased sound reduction.

Edge-seal Durability:
High performance multi-layer vapour barrier film. Continuous vapour barrier in corners; no chemical fogging, high desiccant content; proven edge-seal technology; thermoset silicon durability.

Unique Triple-Seal Design:
Inner acrylic structural seal for immediate unit handling; customer applied polyisobutylene sealant for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapour transmission; outer silicon seal for a proven structural performance.

Improved Productivity:
Fast application; elimination of bending and desiccant filling, requires no corner or joint assembly; simplified production of shaped units; high production rate with less manpower required. Contact Edgetech for information on the availability of completely automated machinery.

Aesthetic Appearance:
Smooth matte finish, blister and bubble free; direct application with sharp 90° corners.

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SuperSpacer® technology

SuperSpacer® is the world leader in non-metallic spacer systems made from desiccant-filled foam. Its Thermo Set Spacer (TSS) technology offers the highest performance standards of all spacer systems. Since its introduction in 1989, SuperSpacer® has become the dominant force in thermally efficient spacer systems and is widely considered the benchmark for all the other spacer systems.

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Comfort & Energy saving

How to obtain more comfort and a better energy impact of glass surfaces?
Below here are some considerations on the main points regarding the performance of glass products for the construction industry, with particular reference to the insulating glass.

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