The Company

LO.DA srl has been operating for over 35 years in the production and sale of glass for the building and furnishing sectors.

The company philosophy, focused on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, has resulting in us being awarded a variety of product and business quality certifications.

Production takes place at our factory in San Giorgio delle Pertiche, Padua, which has a surface area of over 5.000 m2.

What makes our company special is the streamlined and flexible business model we employ, allowing us to be always ready to answer customer needs and to respond to changes in the market.

Furthermore, we are equipped with the most advanced technologies for the production of glass for the building and furnishing trades, thereby guaranteeing quick delivery and the highest standard end product performance.

LO.DA. srl has integrated into its operations the Warm Edge philosophy of Edgetech I.G. Ltd to establish itself as one of the leading companies in Italy and Europe to offer this important technological step in the production of glass solutions for the building trade.